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Sindhi Society, Chembur,
Mumbai-400071. India
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We are miners and exporters of rough rocks, mineral specimens, fossils, from India and Indonesia. 


Our experience has helped us develop the knowledge and skill to identify best quality rocks and minerals available from Mother Nature.


Our vision of 100% customer satisfaction allows us to retain our client's confidence worldwide.


We specialize in following categories.


1) Lapidary Rough Material
Rough agates ;- a) Green moss agates, b) Pink Green moss agates, c) Fancy jasper, d) Tree agates, e) Black skin Indian agates, f) Banded agates, g) Coralied flower agates from Indonesia, h) Multi color agates from Indonesia, I) Concentric banded agates from Indonesia, j) Sponge Coral k) Blood stones (heliodrop) and much more...


Rough quartz and aventurine :-a)Green aventurine, b)Red aventurine, c)Yellow aventurine, d) Rose quartz, e)Amethysts, f)Zeosite ruby from India, g)Hematite and much more...

2) Gem Rough material:- Ruby Corrudum, Ruby crystals, Blue Iolites, Sunstones, Kaynite, Moon stones, Rodholite Garnets, and much more...  

3) Metaphysics, Novelties & Gift Items :- Healing sticks, Massage wands, Crystal pendulum, Chakras, Spheres, Bowls, Agate Bangles, Arrow heads, Cabachons, Strands, Pyramids, Stars, and much more...


4) Minerals & Fossils: - Geodes, Appophylites & Stilbites from India . Crystal clusters, Pyrites from Indonesia , Coral specimens, Ammonite fossils from Indonesia and much more... 


The products listed above are a tip of an ice berg please feel free to visit us at The Rapa River Show, Tucson or Send us an e-mail and we will contact you personally.
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