Leasing Information for the 2024 Gem & Mineral Show

-January 26th, 2024 through February 11th, 2024-

    The Rapa River Gem & Mineral Show is designed to lease a minimum space size of 10' X 10'. Larger sized spaces can be added to accommodate the Vendors' desires

    • One 10' x 10' space: $60.00 per day

    • Two 10' x 10' spaces: $110 per day [$10 per day savings]

    • Three 10' x 10' spaces: $150 per day [$30 per day savings]

    Requirements for all leases are as follows: There is a 17 day stay minimum, a 25% deposit is required to reserve a space (No refund of deposit after 09/01/2023), with full payment required by start of show. Limited spaces are available with electrical hookup for an additional cost of $300.00. All canopies and tents used by vendors are required to be white, and one vehicle per vendor allowed in our parking lot. Rapa River also has 24-hour on-site security.

    The Rapa River Mgmt. will have white canopies and/or white coverings for an additional charge.

    10x10 white canopy & four tables $250.00
    10x20 white canopy & eight tables $300.00
    Only upon availabilty, does not include electrical.

    To ask any questions please contact us at rapagem@yahoo.com.

    Lynn's cell: [520] 256-2079

    Tyo's   cell: [480] 593-3439

    Show Hours

    9am to 6pm
    for the duration of the show

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